Grand Challenges Canada

 In the developing world, where the health challenges are immense, nine million children die every year before their fifth birthday. This represents a challenge and an opportunity to bring positive and sustainable change, and Grand Challenges Canada is committed to lead the development of solutions through innovation of all kinds – scientific, technological, business and social. In the 2008 Federal Budget the Government of Canada announced the creation of the Development Innovation Fund to “support the best minds in the world as they search for breakthroughs in global health and other areas that have the potential to bring about enduring changes in the lives of the millions of people in poor countries.” The Government of Canada is committing $225 million over five years to the Development Innovation Fund.

The Development Innovation Fund will be delivered by Grand Challenges Canada working with the International Development Research Centre and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. As the Government of Canada’s lead on the Development Innovation Fund, the International Development Research Centre will draw on decades of experience managing research projects and ensure that developing country researchers and concerns are front and centre in this exciting new initiative. The initial activities of the Development Innovation Fund will be in global health.

Grand Challenges Canada focuses on bold ideas with big impact in global health. Grand Challenges Canada is a unique independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people in developing countries by integrating scientific, technological, business and social innovation both in Canada and in the developing world. Grand Challenges Canada focuses on bold ideas with big impact in global health.  Grand Challenges Canada works with the International Development Research Centre, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and other global health foundations and organizations to find sustainable long-term solutions to the most pressing health challenges. Grand Challenges Canada is hosted by the Sandra Rotman Centre (University Health Network and University of Toronto).

Vision and Mission


To develop a consortium of world-leading Canadian and International scientists, research organizations, and leaders from the business sector to develop breakthrough solutions to global challenges and ensure that these solutions are available to those who need them the most.


To identify global grand challenges, fund a global community of researchers and related institutions on a competitive basis to address them, and support the implementation/commercialization of the solutions that emerge.