Featured Global Health Research


ADDRESSING ETHICAL, SOCIAL, AND CULTURAL ISSUES IN GLOBAL HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT: In August 2013, the ESC Program team published a paper in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, the purpose of which “is to encourage reflection among the global health research community…(Read More)

HELPING PREVENT DISRUPTION OF THE GLOBAL VACCINE SUPPLY: Leading up to the final round of negotiations in January 2013 on the Minamata Convention on Mercury (a UNEP-led multi-lateral treaty to restrict human and environmental exposure to mercury), there was considerable debate around whether to exclude thimerosal…(Read More)

DEVELOPING A FRAMEWORK FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT (CE) IN GLOBAL HEALTH RESEARCH: The discovery, development, and implementation of innovative solutions to pressing challenges in global health and development can be stymied by poorly developed strategies for engagement with host communities…(Read More)

HELPING TO IMPROVE VACCINE ADOPTION IN LOW- AND MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRIES: Concerns over a rare but serious adverse event (intussusception) led to the market withdrawal in 1999 of the RotaShield rotavirus vaccine…(Read More)